In response to recent media enquiries, Football Coaches Australia (FCA) would like to issue the following statement:

“Football Coaches Australia notes the recent decision made by the FIFA Member Associations Committee during its meeting on 4 December 2017, to install a Congress Review Working Group (CRWG) ,after a consensus failed to be reached among Australian football’s stakeholders at last month’s extraordinary meeting.

FCA is pleased that FIFA has announced FIFA and the AFC will meet with all relevant stakeholders and interlocutors when they arrive in Australia in January 2018.

We look forward to engaging with FIFA, the AFC, and the CRWG as Australian football seeks a path beyond the current reform impasse.

It is in the interests of all Australian professional coaches – and for football in this nation as a whole – that matters of such importance are resolved in a timely, fair and effective manner. We remain confident the best interests of the game will ultimately determine any future course of action.”



To arrange an interview, please contact our lead Interim Office Bearer, Glenn Warry on or +61 417 346 312.



You can download a copy of this media release here.