FCA – Sport Session Planner Membership

Football Coaches Australia and Sport Session Planner have formed a partnership for the purposes of delivering football coach professional development programs to support coaches in the planning and delivery of their annual training program and individual training sessions.

Getting the best out of your players is a fine art. As a coach you not only need to identify the what, when, where, who and how of a situation, you also need to be prepared to deal with it effectively.

Planning a training session should:

  • Be simple to construct
  • Have variation
  • Have your key learning objectives visible to help you stay on track when coaching your session.

Sport Session Planner designed its session planning tool to give you just that!

Most coaches are not IT managers, so when SSP design products they design them with the practical coach in mind… Simple to use, easy layout and logical progressions for building brilliant coaching sessions.

View the FCA SSP partnership media release here.

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Explore the Sport Session Planner Coach/Club Benefits

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  • Overview of Software Systems
  • Club /Coach Benefits
  • Bespoke Libraries
  • Animation Software

Find out more about the SSP platform here:


You can register for the FCA – SSP Licence and professional development  programs either as an FCA Member, a non-FCA member or a current Sport Session Planner member.

If you are not already an FCA member becoming a member provides you with significant advocacy, professional development and wellbeing support benefits in addition to the discounted access to sport session planner. Become an FCA member or renew your membership here.

Club package options also available below.


Football Coaches Australia wishes to offer Australian community football clubs our exclusive FCA-SSP Club Package providing clubs will be able to gain access to:

1.    SSP tools and resources to build and create training programs and sessions

2.    Football Coaches Australia SSP libraries that have pre-populated sessions based around the four (4) core skills, principles of play and best practice.

The FCA SSP Club package can be purchased in packages of 5, 10 or 15 coaches and the football club will, in addition, gain access to two (2) x professional development webinars for each coach signed up as part of this exclusive offer.

Enquiries and Key Contacts

Would you like your own club platform and have it linked to Football Coaches Australia libraries? Email james@sportsessionplanner.com

Football Coaches Australia: CEO Kelly Rourke – Email address: ceo@footballcoachesaus.org.au  

Sport Session Planner: James Robinson – Email Address: james@sportsessionplanner.com