Welcome to the FCA XVenture College and Essential Skills Program

FCA welcomes all Australian advance licence and community football coaches to the FCA XVenture College and the Essential Skills programs.

This is a world first opportunity presented initially to all Australian coaches but accessible to every coach around the football universe, and is in line with the Football Coaches Australia mantra of “Promoting and strengthening the reputation of football in Australia and the reputation of Australian football on the world stage”.

The program was created by XVenture Founder and CEO, Prof. Mike Conway, who is the emotional agility and mind coach for elite athletes and teams (including Olympians, the Socceroos and A-League teams) and global corporations/ organisations.

This series of modules delivered completely online, in a revolutionary virtual world environment, aims to develop the ‘essential skills’ of coaching across 5 modules –

  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Culture
  • Communication Skills
  • Mental Agility & Emotional Intelligence

At the very heart of everything FCA stands for is ‘For Coaches, By Coaches’ so this is an incredible opportunity to enhance the continuing education around every coach’s journey no matter what level they are working at. It is something we, along with our highly valued partners XVenture, are just so proud to present.

A new way of learning for our new world:

  • State-of-the-art online learning platform
  • CPD hours for this program are currently being reviewed
  • Recognition for prior learning from a major Australian University
  • Each module is approximately twelve hours of self-paced study
  • Fully integrated and multi-media style materials in the form of videos, articles, activities, podcasts and assessments with a football theme
  • Multiple-choice test to demonstrate understanding of the materials
  • Real cases and examples from football coaching – from grassroots to elite
  • Receipt of certification on completion of modules

FCA XV Essential Skills  ‘Play it Forward’ program

How will the FCA XV Essential Skills ‘Play it Forward’ program work?

Football Coaches Australia (FCA) welcomes all Australian advance licence and community football coaches to the FCA XVenture College and the Essential Skills ‘Play it Forward’ program.

In a world first opportunity for all Australian football coaches, FCA and XV are offering a program which connects directly with FCA and XVenture’s DNA. 

A global mentoring (or buddy system) program which will allow for Australian coaches to help a fellow coach from around the world to undertake their own FCA XV Essential Skills study as a result of their helping hand. 

The program supports football coaches in Australia and other countries who will be able to influence their community immensely as a result of our help.

For every FCA XV Essential Skills ‘full program’ undertaken by an Australian football coach a complimentary program will be provided to a coach, from around the world who can’t afford the program, which will also allow both the ‘sponsor’ coach and ‘sponsored’ coach to work together if they choose.

The ‘sponsor’ coach and nominated ‘sponsored’ coach will receive notification from FCA regarding their registration details.

Subject to both parties agreeing FCA will link the ‘sponsor’ coach and the ‘sponsored’ coach. Protocols will be established regarding this (mentor/ mentee) support relationship.

Phil Moss, President of FCA, will introduce the course to participating coaches as they make their way through the virtual world of the FCA XV College foyer. View below:

Thank-you for joining Football Coaches Australia and XVenture on your lifelong learning journey. Enjoy!