constitution & policies

Contained below are various FCA policies and procedures


The Football Coaches Australia Constitution details all constitutional issues relating to:

  • • Membership
  • • The Committee
  • • The Administration
  • • General Meetings
  • • Miscellaneous

The FCA Constitution has been adopted by the Football Coaches Australia Special General Meeting held on 23 July 2019.


Football Coaches Australia have developed the following policy positions:

  • Employment related issues
  • Domestic football issues
  • Qualifications and knowledge sharing
  • Coaching behaviour
  • Female coaches
  • Indigenous and minority coaches
  • International relationships
  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Health and well-being

More information is available in the FCA Policy Positions document.

Organisation Regulations

These regulations provide for:

  • • the duties, powers and responsibilities of the General Meeting, President, Committee, Chief Executive, and Administration; and
  • • the establishment of legal and financial authorisations.

The objective of these regulations is to complement the FCA Constitution regarding the organisation of FCA.

Sub Committee Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Sub Committees is to assist the FCA Executive Committee (ExCo) in fulfilling its strategic responsibilities as they relate to its operations. The Sub Committees are to advise the FCA Executive Committee on strategic matters relating to Football coaches and coaching.

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