constitution & policies

Contained below are various FCA policies and procedures


The Football Coaches Australia Constitution details all constitutional issues relating to:

  • • Membership
  • • The Committee
  • • The Administration
  • • General Meetings
  • • Miscellaneous

The FCA Constitution has been adopted by the Football Coaches Australia Special General Meeting held on 23 July 2019.


Football Coaches Australia have developed the following policy positions:

  • Employment related issues
  • Domestic football issues
  • Qualifications and knowledge sharing
  • Coaching behaviour
  • Female coaches
  • Indigenous and minority coaches
  • International relationships
  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Health and well-being

More information is available in the FCA Policy Positions document.

Organisation Regulations

These regulations provide for:

  • • the duties, powers and responsibilities of the General Meeting, President, Committee, Chief Executive, and Administration; and
  • • the establishment of legal and financial authorisations.

The objective of these regulations is to complement the FCA Constitution regarding the organisation of FCA.

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