Wednesday 26 August 2020
Sydney, Australia

Football Coaches Australia (FCA) today announced it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Association of India Football Coaches (AIFC).

FCA and the AIFC recognise each other as developing Associations and, in particular over the past year, have engaged in dialogue on the major issues within, and affecting, the football ecosystem in Australia and India.

FCA and the AIFC are committed to cooperate to build careers in football in a professional and economically sustainable manner, and to ensure that coaching roles are properly safeguarded and attractive to Australia’s and India’s best talent.

Both Associations recognise the influential role and powerful position that coaches play in the lives and livelihoods of footballers, with particular attention to those children and young adults in their care.

The Agreement will see the Associations collaborate across key areas, and are committed to collectively work towards:

a)   mutually assisting each other in the development of football in Australia and India;

b)   introducing standard contracts for coaches within their country which set out the agreed minimum employment conditions and a structured and resourced process for termination of employment;

c)   set up strategic partnerships to support the professional development & wellbeing of coaches, including coach exchange programs;

d)   encourage the involvement of more female coaches;

e)   increase access to football for all participants while aspiring to make each of those experiences positive.

Football Coaches Australia /Chief Executive Glenn Warry said:

“The MoU with AIFC reinforces our vision of promoting and strengthening the reputation of football in Australia and the reputation of Australian football on the world stage. We are committed to working together to develop support systems for Australian and Indian professional football coaches as they seek to pursue their careers in the Asian Football region.

Australia and India have historically had strong relations within the sports of hockey and cricket. Given that the Indian football team first toured Australia in 1935 it is overdue for our Associations to develop an identity for football in our important cultural relationship.

There are a number of potential opportunities for both parties to collectively advance professional development, employment, cultural and commercial opportunities for football coaches.”

AIFC Executive Director Dinesh Nair said:

“We are happy to make our relationship official, after supporting each other in our journey to equip and educate our coaches. With this Agreement we look forward to working together for the betterment of our coaches. This will help us learn from each other, share best practices and also grow together.”

With the upcoming 2023 FIFA WWC, FCA and AIFC seek to lead the way in developing best practice systems to support all Associations and their member coaches in the Asian region, and in particular, the advancement of female coaches.

Football Coaches Australia contact:

Glenn Warry
Chief Executive Officer
Football Coaches Australia
M: 61 (0) 417 346312

Association of India Football Coaches contact:

Dinesh Nair
Executive Director
Association of India Football Coaches