Saturday 31 August 2019
Sydney, Australia

FCA and Masita have teamed up to support football coaches and football coach professional development across Australia – our vision is to ‘inspire every football coach to become a member with FCA for life’.

The three-year agreement sees Masita support FCA with branded apparel and equipment for staff and coach ‘educators’ as well as providing the FCA member packages.

Masita and FCA will be working together to roll out an online store exclusively for football coaches, featuring clothing, equipment and electronics – everything that the modern-day coach requires, at exclusively discounted prices.

FCA Commercial Director Troy Bingham said “This is only the first step for FCA to bring added value and benefits to the 30,000 plus Advanced and community registered coaches across Australia. Masita is an international football brand that has a growing footprint in Australia, who are providing outstanding football-specific products. We will work together to leverage the relationship at our national coach workshops, PD days and through our extensive online program to keep coaches informed and benefitting from being an FCA member”.

FCA CEO Glenn Warry said “there are 4,000 professional and 32,000 community coaches across Australia. FCA is working hard to grow and unify our coach membership base and to improve communication and connection, provide advocacy support, professional development and job opportunities as well as supporting them with access to quality products and services”.

Masita Managing Director, Tim McKenzie commented that “Masita is the new face of kit suppliers in Australia. Apparel partnerships have changed markedly over the past few years and Masita’s ethos to help make clubs more sustainable is a complete game changer. Masita has a long history in the Netherlands and this 86 year heritage paves the way for a long and successful tenure in Australia. We are pleased to be able to sponsor FCA and create a stronger link with football coaches across Australia.

Masita’s brand is dedicated to football and we’re already working with 35 clubs nationally, at all levels from grass roots to NPL. Masita has just invested millions of dollars to acquire their own manufacturing facility in Sydney – who else is offering high-quality Australian made on-field apparel? We challenge anyone in the Australian football industry to find better quality products, at industry beating prices, along with a sponsorship and support package – and it’s Australian made!!!”

Masita in conjunction with their e-commerce partners, are able to offer FCA members incredible prices for football equipment and apparel as well as significant savings on home appliances and technology. The FCA MyClubShop will offer membership packages, as well as a wide range of home appliances and electronic goods at always below retail prices, delivered to your home free of charge.

FCA is in discussions with commercial partners to keep adding value for our members. If you are interested in commercial opportunities with FCA please email